Improve Your Body’s Immune Function with Potent Medicinal Mushrooms

Holistic Health Labs Immunity Formula
Myco Ultra
"My body feels smoothly energized with one capsule taken about mid-day. The change in my energy I can describe as lighter and more open... I am generally healthy, fit and at a comfortable weight for my body so a smooth, full-body, positive change in energy shows me that Mycoultra is a good addition to my intake…thanks for a satisfying product…" ~ David Cornberg

Boost your immune system

Packed with Immune Defense Properties

The right ingredients backed up with clinical studies

MycoUltra is our #1 Immunity Mushroom supplement that helps to naturally regulate your immune system with beta-glucans. Packed with 8 healing mushrooms, MycoUltra provides the necessary support your body needs.

What Dr. William Says About Myco Ultra

Dr. Charles Williams, MD
Board Member of the American Academy of Pediatrics

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