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"...this is NOT just a placebo!"

"My partner has HIV. Much to our surprise and delight, within 30 days of taking this, my partner ALSO began to feel MUCH more energetic, and his appetite increased as well! He is looking and feeling MUCH healthier, and is finally starting to gain weight and muscle-tone! (which is very difficult for someone with HIV).

After over 4 months of taking the mushroom supplement, my partner just got his bloodwork done, and discovered that his T-Cells, which have been hovering between 0 and 200 for the last 10 years, are now over 400!!

This would seem to confirm that this is NOT just a placebo!

He is still feeling great, and is continuing to gain muscle mass, due to the fact that all the extra energy he has had lately prompted him to start working out regularly again!

We are both very pleased with these results obviously, and can only attribute it to the mushrooms, since that is the only thing that has changed in his regimen for the last 10 years."

"Still in utter shock and disbelief about what this product has done for me."

"Oh my gosh! Still in utter shock and disbelief about what this product has done for me. Having desperately NEEDED to take an inhaled steroid twice a day, every single day... (been on many, the latest being Symbicort), to breathe at least somewhat normally, due to uncontrolled asthma and COPD for the past MANY years, my one desire and prayer, was to find something NATURAL, that would restore my ability to breathe withOUT the use of a steroid of any kind... inhaled or otherwise. I stumbled upon this when doing research on cancer treatment, believe it or not

I found these mushrooms were supposed to help with breathing, lung function, inflammation, endurance, stamina, etc. I decided to try them for my breathing problems.

And to my COMPLETE AMAZEMENT, just TWO days into taking them, and one full week later, STILL in disbelief, I NO LONGER NEED SYMBICORT AT ALL! NO STEROIDS AT ALL! I'm no longer short of breath, or experiencing trouble breathing PERIOD!" ~Sharon
"...this stuff prevented my hair from falling off."

"I read an article about medicinal mushrooms and all the health benefits that they provide. I have to say, aside from all the benefits this stuff prevented my hair from falling off.

I'm 47 with a full head of hair, and , the little that would fall off just stopped after taking medicinal mushrooms. Not saying it'll do the same for everyone. But, that's what it did for me." ~Maria
"I think it is a life saver and I would never give it up."

"I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in April 2010, I started taking this in Dec. I am still here and my cancer is stable. I have a certain cancer mutation which means I have less drug options and a theoretical 6 month shorter life span than those with the mutation. Sadly for my cancer friends, I am doing much better and have outlived most. I only take this and an oragnic vitamin and probiotic. I have tried other supplements but they cause various side effects. I think it is a life saver and I would never give it up." Donna
"The difference is life changing."

"I went from getting seriously sick 5-6 times a year to getting only very mild colds a couple of times a year. The difference is life changing. Even when I do get sick now, it's not debilitating. I only get a sore throat and a bit run down. No endless congestion and suffering." Jay
"During the three months I used it, my allergies rarely bothered me"

"I work in special education and though I love the kids, they haven't quite mastered covering their mouth when coughing and sneezing, nor do they like to wash their hands. I usually got sick several times a year, even after getting a flu shot. I heard about this product to boost immunity, so I tried it. During the three months I used it, my allergies rarely bothered me, I only used my inhaler once and I never got sick. Over the summer I ran out and figured I'd wait till fall to get more. I ended up getting a cough 3 weeks after school started. I ordered more right away and the leftcongestion did not linger. I have never really been excited about supplements until now." Lee
"I noticed an alertness, but without any caffine-like feelings..."

"I tried two caps with lunch daily. I work at a desk job and get very tired after lunch. Within a day, I noticed an alertness, but without any caffine-like feelings. Infact, I felt nothing strange, except I was wide awake during a time of day that is usually difficult for me. I also began to notice I slept very well throughout the night. Now, I am going to start buying them here at this fantastic price!" ~Ali
"My endurance has increased by

I've been taking 3 capsules a day to increase my oxygen intake while running. My endurance has increased by 50%." Lori
"I have not had a cold in almost 5 years since taking this" ~Herman
"My lungs were working easier and had less wheezing..."

"Have asthma and am trying to reduce inhaler use. This product does seem to do that. My lungs were working easier and had less wheezing while using it. Will definitely continue using it."
"I can feel such a difference after a few days."

"I can feel such a difference after a few days of taking them. I have Lyme disease and I feel it really helps boost my immune system." Jacqueline
"My knees used to get a bit swollen after doing a long walk, but not anymore." ~Mike
"...most effective remedy I've bought in a long time."

"This is the most effective remedy I've bought in a long time. I have inflammation in my throat (it was thyroid) and its causing sleep apnea at night, and I've not able to sleep well at all. Tried this twice, I can already tell it is helping, I actually was able to sleep better without waking up. It also makes me feel mentally brighter and better and I know this is the reason. This works." ~Shelly
"I would heartily recommend this product." ~Greg
"helps maintain a healthy blood pressure"

"I feel like taking it helps to control my stress and helps keep my temper down and helps maintain a healthy blood pressure." ~June
"My arthritis pain in my fingers is gone..."

"My arthritis pain in my fingers is gone. This is a great product and I shall continue to take it." ~Sandy
"I noticed the difference almost immediately"

"When I started to use this product I noticed the difference almost immediately. I could sleep better, I felt more like myself again." ~Maria
"It has improved my diabetes and hypertension" ~Paul
" energy levels have improved, I can eat a wider variety of food..."

"Since I started taking it my energy levels have improved, I can eat a wider variety of food, I sleep better at night, I have less anxiety, and my hair has started to return to it's natural color." ~Elizabeth
"gives me more energy, balances my body and makes me feel great." ~Sergio
"I felt better than I had in years..."

"I have NAFLD. When I was diagnosed, I had to go on a diet. But once I did I became so weak that I couldn't walk around, I always felt like I was going to blackout. Everything I ate made me sick. So i was bedridden for two months. I was at my limit. I thought I would feel better after resting, but I was always fatigued. I was sad, my family was sad that I didn't feel better, that I wasn't showing improvement... A day after taking it, I was stronger and was able to leave the house, the day after that I felt better than I had in years.

"My body recovers faster..."

"I have a very active lifestyle (Military, Crossfit, etc) and noticed my body recovers faster from the physical abuse of my lifestyle" ~Clew