Not Only Do They Live Long Lives
They live very healthy and happy ones too.

Those who lived above 90 are FREE from any disease, illness and even cancer.

They suffer only a fraction of diseases that kill Americans…

A fifth in the rate of cardiovascular disease,

A fifth in the rate of breast and prostate cancer,

And less than half the rate of dementia seen among similarly aged Americans.

Even scientists and researchers were amazed by the longevity of the Okinawans.

And for years, they seek to uncover the Okinawans secrets that set them apart from the Americans…

Could It Simply Be
A Matter Of Good Genes?
Certainly genetics are a consideration.

But the first generations of Okinawans who migrated to other parts of the world do not live as long as their parents.

So the centenarians’ long lives must be earned some other ways.

Some “diet” books attribute it to the amount of soy Okinawans consume in a day.

However, Americans eat plenty of soy. Retail sales of soy products in the United States now exceed 4 billion dollars per year.

And yet, 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.

What About Exercises?
You may occasionally find some Okinawans working in their vegetable gardens or simply walking to a friend’s house, but you won’t see them hitting the gym.

So exercising isn’t the key to their healthy and long life.

When the scientists first studied the Okinawans, they went round in circles trying to uncover the ‘winning’ element.

They tried to replicate what these centenarians eat, do and practice every day. And they almost couldn’t find any clues that contribute to their great longevity.

It was by some clever detective work that allowed the researchers based at the University of Chicago to discover the nutrient that is responsible to boost the body’s defenses against cancer.

It turns out that the Okinawans who lived over 90 have plenty of this nutrient.

When you’re short of this nutrient, your immune system weakens, you age faster, become vulnerable to cancer, and die sooner.

It’s as simple as that.

The good news is, this nutrient comes from some of the foods that you have been throwing into the trash.

But before I reveal what this nutrient is,

It’s important that you understand how it affects your immune system.

Hi, I’m Laura Lindsey,

And this is how a super immune cell looks like.

It’s a big cell surrounded by other full, round blood cells. As a super immune cell, it moves around the rest of the cells to search for any intruder cells.

Whenever they spot any intruder or cancer cells, they go after the intruder.

The intruder can try to run, by squeezing between the other cells, but the super immune cell continues to relentlessly hunt them down.

Eventually when the intruder slows down or let down their defences, the immune cell seizes the opportunity and gobbles it up...

These super immune cells are the type of soldiers you’ll need to fight against bacteria, viruses, diseases, and even cancer cells.

Most people who are suffering from debilitating diseases, illnesses and even cancer have dying immune cells that can no longer do their job in protecting the body against foreign intruders.

The good news is with the help of a specific nutrient I will be sharing with you in just a bit…

Their immune cells can rejuvenate and regenerate to be able to defend their bodies from getting sick.

Again, my name is
Laura Lindsey,
I’m the chief nutritionist of Holistic Labs.

In this special video episode, I’ll share this secret with you.

And how you can use this secret to living the rest of your life free from disease, illness or infection…

even the most severe and “incurable” one’s that doctors have turned their back on — and become completely disease free for the rest of your life.

And yes I mean it when I say any illness, infection, or disease.

Believe it or not, the information in this presentation may be the answer to achieving limitless health and curing all disease

and the number 1 cause of DEATH and disease and why you mustAVOID this at all costs.

This is a mistake even medical practitioners make, and it can ruin your chances of a complete healing…...
I may be forced to by the powers-that-be, to take this presentation down...

If you come back tomorrow and this presentation is no longer free, don’t say I didn’t warn you...

So watch this right now, while you still can...

Remember: I’m about to share a health secret that has been proven to cure, if not provide desperately needed relief to, to any and all disease, illness or ailment and prevent them from returning...

In fact, even though this might sound impossible now, after you watch this video and do what it says, like thousands of deeply grateful people have before you, your doctor, friends and family will be shocked at the staggering recovery your body goes through, almost overnight.

How suddenly, even tumors, and cancer cells can begin to melt away

How people with asthma can suddenly feel like they are taking the first deep breath in decades

How clogged and hardened arteries suddenly become as smooth as teflon and as healthy as an athlete’s.

How diabetes sufferer’s are able to naturally lower their soaring blood sugar and even increase their insulin levels

And that’s just to name a few incredible results.

I’m going to teach you the secret in just a second, but before I do

I need to talk about the big medical lie that’s keeping you, your family, or dear friend from being free from needless suffering NOW.

I think you’ll see why I feel a duty to share it with you.

It can mean the difference between the life and death of someone you love, so brace yourself and stay with me.
What’s The Big Lie That’s Keeping You From Healing Virtually Any Disease Or Illness Without The Horrible And Even Devastating Side-Effects?
The big lie is that a solution for the most devastating, life-altering and fatal diseases today can only be treated with medical drugs and surgery, and that any natural solution doesn’t exist.

As I’m going to prove to you in just a minute, a natural, inexpensive, non-chemical and non-toxic solution does in fact exist.

The truth is your body already has the amazing power to defend, neutralize and flush out any harmful germ, virus, bacteria or dysfunction.

But not only that, anyone can unleash this powerful healing mechanism for themselves, naturally and easily — which is what your body already wants to do — if you just knew how.

I Know This Sounds Hard To Believe,
So Let Me Let You In On Some Secrets Doctors Don’t Want You To Know.

If you’re like most folks I’ve helped over the years, every illness you’ve ever
been through, has probably followed a variation of this really depressing

When you were younger you would maybe get a cold or even the flu.

But you would recover like it was nothing. You were invincible.

You had all this great energy and you never gave it a second thought.

Then you got older, and started noticing more aches and pains.

Maybe you developed arthritis, or you noticed more people you knew developing cancer or even dying from cancer.

You start seeing peers and colleagues developing “blood sugar problems” or diabetes.

And when you, or the people you love, go to the doctor to get help, it seems the only solution is to take one drug or another.

And when you learn about the side effects of those drugs, and the high cost of medication

you wonder what is worse — getting medical attention, or being broke and on medication.

Suddenly, it’s like all your options for a healthy and vibrant life are gone.

You either live with it

or live in fear of it getting worse.
I’ve Talked To Dozens Of Clients
About This And Over And Over Again,
We Hit The Same Pattern.
As soon as you reach a certain age, it’s like a switch goes off in your body.

It suddenly starts to take longer to recover.

And really well-meaning people suddenly get repeatedly told,

“eat more vegetables” or “exercise more”.

Or... “You need to lose weight.”



Or maybe you hear...

“We need to start you on this medication” or

“We need to schedule your for surgery”.

Or even worse...

To hear these bone-chilling words,

“I’m sorry...”

“…there is no cure.”

The Medical Hamster-Wheel
Is a Horrible Place
Where you are put on one medication after another.

But only after your body has built a resistance to the previous medication and it doesn’t work anymore.

Or because the side-effects become unbearable.

I don’t know if that sounds familiar to you.

But if it does

believe me, you certainly aren’t alone.

Most adults today are trapped in that same hamster-wheel.


The big question you’ve probably asked yourself again and again

while you or someone you love is slowly suffering in pain

or as you struggle with costly seasonal ailments that make life miserable, is:

“Isn’t There A Better Way?”
Why does it seem that every medical solution just manages your illness rather than curing it...

...while the mere mention of a full complete cure is scoffed at

even though we have the most advanced technology in history.

And then there’s the even bigger question...

...why do some people -- and even entire cultures -- seem to be immune and completely free from fatal diseases we are dying from today?

Diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, clogged arteries, AIDS, arthritis, emphysema, Alzheimer’s, depression... are virtually non-existent in those cultures.

They seem to live full, energetic and even athletic lives — even into their 70‘s.

While the rest of us feel like we lost a genetic lottery.

After years of research and studying thousands of medical case studies

I Discovered Something That, Once You Accept It, Will Allow You To Reverse Any Illness And Disease-Proof Your Body.
What’s the big discovery?

Okay, this is going to sound crazy to you.

It certainly sounded crazy to me when I was going through the hundreds of case studies.

And it still seemed crazy when I personally saw it naturally reverse illnesses doctors “knew”

couldn’t be cured or even be helped, and did it without toxic drugs.

The reason why some people and cultures manage to live their entire lives without debilitating illnesses, while so many others don’t

has nothing to do with how “healthy” they eat, how much they exercise they get, or their genes.

And it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the level of medical technology they had.

Almost all medical case studies I read, revealed that the reason why these people were disease-free was because of one particular food.

A substance the rest of us have barely heard about.
What’s the Secret Food?
Beta-glucans are some of the most powerful healing substances known to man.

They are nutrients found in several different kinds of foods.

But of all the foods they are found in, the GREATEST concentration of beta glucan is found in the roots of mushrooms.
All mushrooms actually have thousands of tiny thread-like roots underneath, that grow into the ground or into whatever the mushroom is growing on.
Those roots, called “Mycelium” are actually what have the strongest and the greatest amount of beta glucans on Earth.
The sad part is that they are usually cut off and thrown away before the mushrooms ever get to the grocery store.
Beta-Glucans are so powerful that
3 of the most important drugs ever
made were derived from beta-glucans.
First is Penicillin, one of the most prescribed antibiotics in the world.

Thanks to penicillin, death rates are 5% what they were in the 1900's.
The other drug is Cyclosporin, a drug used in organ transplants and used as treatment for diabetes and severe hives...
Third, is Krestin which used to be the #1 anti-cancer therapy in the world.

Most people would never know these medications were created to copy the chemical structure of beta-glucans.
How do beta-glucans work?
What is it about them that makes them so powerful that
they are able to turn your immune system into an almost
superhuman disease-fighting machine?

Beta-glucans are naturally occurring molecules
that make the body believe it is being invaded
by harmful bacteria.

When the immune system believes it is under attack,
it then goes into a state of high alert.

One of the first clinical experiments with beta-glucans
occurred in 1975, when Dr. Peter Mansell of the National
Cancer Institute wanted to see if beta-glucans could help treat a dangerous form of skin cancer.

Dr. Mansell gave beta-glucans to nine people with
skin cancer.

He noticed that the cancer lesions were, and I quote
“reduced in as short a period as five days” and, in some regions, completely healed.

Also, one of the first large-scale tests of beta-glucans
was done on fish.

In the 1980s, the Norwegian salmon industry was
devastated by bacterial infections that killed the fish like
the black plague.

The salmon were fed antibiotics, but the bacteria soon
grew resistant and the antibiotics were powerless.
Dr. Jan Raa, from the University of Norway, decided to try something different…
he introduced beta-glucans into
the food supply of the fish…

...and the fishes infections soon DISAPPEARED.

Over the past two decades, the number of
scientific studies on beta-glucans has been growing
steadily because of the sheer power of their results.

Here are the astounding results of just a few clinical studies on the
immune-boosting effects of beta-glucans:

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial conducted by Dr. William
Browder of Tulane University,

21 patients who had undergone high-risk surgery were given beta-glucans
each day for a week.

Dr. Browder and his colleagues wanted to find out if beta-glucans could
reduce any infections that usually happen after that kind of operation.

Normally, 49% of the patients would get an infection.

Those that received beta-glucans daily?

Only 9% got an infection.

But here’s the really big news...

Of all the patients that got surgery without beta-glucans, 29% of them died.

But out of those who were given beta-glucans, NONE of them died.
And here’s another study...
Scientists at Tulane University School of Medicine tested
beta-glucans with women who had breast cancer
surgery and developed sores on the area where the
surgery was.
In a study done at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China

Beta-glucans were administered to lung cancer patients
who had undergone chemotherapy.

Patients who received the beta-glucans as well as the
chemotherapy, had higher survival rates than patients
who received only the chemotherapy.

And here’s yet another test:

To test the effect of beta-glucans on fungal infections,
scientists at the State University of São Paulo, in Brazil,
gave modern, conventional drugs to two test groups.

One of the groups, however, was given beta-glucans
intravenously for one year.

At the end of a year, the group that had received
beta-glucans did not have a single relapse.

With the other group, 60% relapsed and got their fungal
infections again!

Members of the beta-glucans group also had lower traces
of fungal infection in their blood.

Beta-glucans have also been found to lower cholesterol
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Conducted a study to determine if adding beta-glucans to
the diet would lower cholesterol levels.

23 volunteers suffering from high cholesterol took part
in the study.

In the first week, all were put on a diet in which one
group of volunteers received an oat extract with 1%
beta-glucans, and another group received an oat extract
with 10% beta-glucans.

After three weeks, cholesterol levels in the group that
received the 10% of beta-glucans dropped significantly.

Those are just a few of the studies that have been
documented that show the staggering power of beta-

The list of published studies goes on and on.

If I listed every clinical study done with this powerful
healing substance, we’d be here for days.
There are HUNDREDS of studies
we could cite.
Documented, published studies that have shown irrefutable proof of
beta-glucans’s track record of helping, slowing down or reversing the most
life-altering illnesses of today.

Yes… study after study have shown that beta-glucans have either dramatically
reduced these conditions or reversed them completely.

But not just that…
… Beta-glucans have also been PROVEN to block and stop the growth of HIV
and AIDS.

So, yes, it is also one of the most powerful antiviral substances today.

Think of beta-glucans this way — it enters your body, and like a heatseeking
missile, travels through your body, finds disease and infection, kills them and pulls
them out of your body.

Beta-Glucans stimulate white blood cell production which turns your immune
system into a powerhouse…

ready and equipped to destroy any enemy, harmful germ, virus or bacteria
once it enters your body…

find, isolate and breakdown man-made chemicals, poisons and other toxins that
have entered your body.

increase the supply of antioxidants in your body so you can slow down the aging

and prevent the breakdown of collagen, which melts wrinkles off your skin and
keeps it as firm and toned as a child…

destroy ALL forms of cancer cells by increasing the production of something called

Remember, the beta-glucans we have studied,have been proven to fight cancer
cells, and the HIV virus

and stop them from multiplying.

I think you get the idea…

It is practically the Holy Grail as far as healing is concerned.
It's no wonder many doctors are
now calling beta-glucans
“the most important wellness
discovery of our time”.
Many even say taking beta-glucans daily is more
important than vitamins, as it not only gives you a
supercharged, natural energy, focus and stamina

but when your immune system is super-charged with
beta-glucans, you can remain immune from disease
and illness.

And also, as I mentioned earlier, 3 of the most widely
used drugs in history were created from
mushroom roots.

and Cyclosporin.

But that’s not all.

Lentinan is the third most widely prescribed
anti-cancer drug in the WORLD.

And it’s made from the beta-glucans extracted from
a mushroom-root as well.
So This Begs The Question…
If Beta-Glucans are so powerful, why don’t we hear
about it? Why isn’t it used and prescribed everyday?
Why aren’t these mushrooms grown and harvested
here and in every part of the world?

Why aren’t beta-glucans in its NATURAL form, a part of
our every day lives if it is such a powerful healing

The answer is simple.

It is not nearly as profitable.

There is a very good reason why the “powers that be”
are trying so hard to direct you away from using a
readily natural, available form of therapy that has none
of the destructive and debilitating side-effects
modern drugs have.

What would happen to large for-profit hospitals, drug
companies and insurance companies, if a simple and
inexpensive cure was discovered for that list of ailments
ranging from AIDS and the “Big C” to the common cold?

How many drug makers and insurance companies
would lose their profits if millions of people just
stopped getting sick?

Or even better, were suddenly cured of most disease?
Do You Think For One Second That
This Industry Really Want That?
No. They want new expensive and prolonged “treatments” to be developed.

Cures kill repeat business, and where is the profit in that?

What about the media outlets that get billions of dollars in ad revenue? Especially since the deregulation that has allowed direct to consumer advertising of prescription medications with that long list of horrific side-effects whispered at the end of each ad.

What about the politicians that passed such deregulations?

Do you think that they want to lose their wealthy donors?

Donors like the Big Pharma lobbyists who put them in office?
No One In The Medical Establishment Has Any Financial Incentive To “Cure” You.
This doesn’t mean the individual doctors are evil greedy people.

After all, there are many doctors fighting the good fight to find natural, alternative methods to today’s health crises and epidemics.

It just means the system is flawed.

You see, the system itself is a disease. A cancer.

And it is feeding off our illness

Its only incentive is to keep you ill so testing, treatment and profits can continue — forever…

Even though people the world over have been helped and yes, even CURED by beta-glucans.
Now, this next fact is important
for you to know:
It is another reason why natural approaches to healing are so important
to me and my team.

This fact may be hard to hear, so please be warned. (But don’t worry, you
have a solution at the end of this.)

When we do get sick, or worse, when someone gets a life-threatening
illness like cancer…

…the current medical solution is to immediately use a drug.

But you see, when a drug or any form of medical treatment like radiation,
or surgery, is used, it can kill the harmful invader that is making you sick,
but it does NOT, I repeat, it does NOT heal the cells.

Like a nuclear bomb, it obliterates all the harmful bacteria, viruses or germs
in one blast.

But it also kills healthy cells TOGETHER with the bacteria, germ or virus.

Imagine the military trying to take out Osama Bin Laden by igniting a nuclear
war head on top of his compound.

Yes they would have killed him, but it would have burned the entire city
to ashes, and killed all the innocent people as well.

That is what current “treatment” is like.

That’s what happens in your body when foreign, non-natural chemicals,
radiation, or even chemotherapy is used to “kill” a disease-causing
organism in your body.

It destroys healthy cells as well.
THAT Is Why People Experience Such
Crazy Side-Effects From So Many Of
The Medical Treatments Today.
Some recovery patients we hear from even say some of the side-effects are worse than the illness!

You know, those commercials on TV with that long list of side-effects?
or the “Black-Box” warnings?

Vomiting? Diarrhea? Nausea? Heart palpitations?
Rectal Bleeding? Impaired coordination?
Sexual Dysfunction? Blurred vision?
Those side-effects are the death of healthy cells.

The truth behind curing any illness has been and will always be by
strengthening your body’s own immune system.

Our own immune systems are more sophisticated than we could ever

It already has every conceivable way to kill, neutralize and flush out any
harmful bacteria, virus or toxin from your body…

…WHILE strengthening healthy cells at the same time.

So how do you get the beta-glucans you need to actually do that?

Great question.Now, here’s the real answer:
To Use Beta-Glucans To Heal Without Those Nasty Side-Effects, The Beta-Glucans Needs To Pass 3 TESTS:

Remember, going to the supermarket
and buying a bunch of mushrooms
won’t work

because the beta-glucans are
contained in the mushroom root
also called the mycelium.

Not in the part of the mushroom we see in stores.

And to get that mycelium from the ground, runs the risk
of containing toxic chemicals like pesticides and

And that does the exact opposite of what we’re trying
to accomplish.

That means that the beta-glucans needed to come from
mushroom root that were organically grown and sterilized
after harvesting.

That’s Test #1.
Now, it’s a known fact, that consuming
mycelium can cause stomach

It is very potent stuff and it is
common to get cramps or have
you running to the bathroom every
15 minutes.

So it had to be in a capsule form.

So we had to use mycelium farms that grew mycelium
organically, sterilized them after harvesting and extracted
the beta-glucans into a capsule form.

That’s Test #2.
Lastly, we found that different types of mushrooms
produced different strains of beta-glucans and
different concentrations.

For example, the Agaricus Blazei
root has 100 TIMES more beta-
than the root of the
common white button
And, the Agarics Blazei roots has
healing properties that are different
from another powerhouse mushroom
root called Maitake.

In fact, each of the various mushrooms we use has
something unique about what they healed.

Like the superheroes we grew up with, each mushroom
had a unique super power.

In fact, Dr. Georges M. Halpern, who in his book Healing
recommends that everyone should take a
mushroom supplement, also says:

The idea is to cover as many
bases as possible in a single
formula. Reishi, Cordyceps,
and other medicinal
mushrooms each offer different
health benefits….
And other unique active substances in the different mushrooms trigger unique receptors of the immune system, or target receptors on microbes or malignant cells. The idea is to feed the body a lot of different active substances derived from unique mushroom sources to lift the immune system relatively quickly."

Needless to say, the optimum solution was to get a
variety of the most potent beta-glucans into the body at
the same time.

So that is Test #3.

Unfortunately, as more people are becoming aware of
the effectiveness of beta-glucans, many fly by night
companies have sprouted up, selling low quality
formulations and mushroom extracts that don’t pass
the three tests I just listed.

They were too weak to show any effect.

And in some cases, they had no mushroom root extract
in them at all!
In one case, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University had
analyzed some specimens of “Mushroom Extract
Capsules” and they were shocked to find that they
contained nothing but rice flour

and other samples which contained nothing but
We took a different approach.
My team of researchers spent 24 months analyzing hundreds of different
sources of the highest quality, and the most potent sources of
mushroom-root extracts.

We studied hundreds of studies and reports, put together by respected
institutes such as Harvard Medical School, the Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine, the National Cancer Center, the American Society
for Microbiology
and many more

to assemble the perfect kinds of mushroom-root to create the most effective
of beta-glucans possible.

Our Goal Was To Develop
Powerful Beta-Glucans Solution
Ever Created.
One that would quickly and efficiently let our bodies absorb beta-glucans
and allow it to turn your immune system into an elite disease fighting
SWAT team.

Over a hundred different combinations of mushroom-root strands were
combined and tested, before we found a winning formula.

What Dr. William Says About Myco Ultra
Dr. Charles Williams, MD
Board Member of the American Academy of Pediatrics
MycoUltra, contains 8 unique sources of beta-glucans, and are also the most potent and highest quality sources we could find.

Out of 14,000 known mushrooms on planet Earth, only a dozen have the greatest concentration of beta-glucans.

Of those dozen, we found 8 of the most beta-glucans-rich mushrooms, whose strains of beta-glucans work synergistically with each other

to create an immune-boosting strength that is far greater than any one of them could ever do on its own.

Because MycoUltra contains 8 of the highest potency beta-glucans strains, in a proven formula that we’ve tested for maximum effectiveness…

…it works fast, allowing you to feel the benefits within a matter of days, not weeks or months.

And to be frank with you, this almost bankrupted us.

If we followed the same methods that fly-by-night companies used, we would simply buy, low-quality, extracts from foreign manufacturers, stick a slick, glossy label on it and make much more money.

If we followed the medical model, we’d pay chemists to turn these beta-glucans into a synthetic drug that is cheaper to produce… but comes with a list of toxic side-effects as well.

You see, to find the original source of these mushroom roots, to harvest them, extract each form of beta-glucans in a way to preserve it’s highest potency, is extremely expensive.

But when we heard stories you are
about to hear, we knew it was worth it.

“My partner has HIV. Much to our surprise
and delight, within 30 days of taking this,
my partner ALSO began to feel MUCH more
energetic, and his appetite increased as well!
He is looking and feeling MUCH healthier, and
is finally starting to gain weight and muscle-tone!
(which is very difficult for someone with HIV).

After over 4 months of taking the mushroom supplement, my partner just
got his bloodwork done, and discovered that his T-Cells, which have been
hovering between 0 and 200 for the last 10 years, are now over 400!!

This would seem to confirm that this is NOT just a placebo!

He is still feeling great, and is continuing to gain muscle mass, due to the
fact that all the extra energy he has had lately prompted him to start
working out regularly again! We are both very pleased with these results
obviously, and can only attribute it to the mushrooms, since that is the
only thing that has changed in his regimen for the last 10 years.”
STILL in disbelief, I NO LONGER NEED

“Oh my gosh! Still in utter shock and disbelief
about what this product has done for me.
Having desperately NEEDED to take an inhaled
steroid twice a day, every single day... (been on
many, the latest being Symbicort), to breathe at
least somewhat normally, due to uncontrolled asthma and COPD for the
past MANY years, my one desire and prayer, was to find something
NATURAL, that would restore my ability to breathe withOUT the use of
a steroid of any kind... inhaled or otherwise. I stumbled upon this when
doing research on cancer treatment, believe it or not

I found these mushrooms were supposed to help with breathing, lung
function, inflammation, endurance, stamina, etc. I decided to try them
for my breathing problems.

And to my COMPLETE AMAZEMENT, just TWO days into taking them,
and one full week later, STILL in disbelief, I NO LONGER NEED SYMBICORT
AT ALL! NO STEROIDS AT ALL! I'm no longer short of breath, or experiencing
trouble breathing PERIOD!”

“I read an article about medicinal mushrooms
and all the health benefits that they provide.
I have to say, aside from all the benefits this
stuff prevented my hair from falling off.

“I'm 47 with a full head of hair, and , the little
that bit would fall off just stopped after taking medicinal mushrooms. Not
saying it'll do the same for everyone. But, that's what it did for me.”
Isn't That Amazing?

It's crazy to think that ten years ago even most doctors had no idea what beta-glucans were or how powerful it was.

MycoUltra and the results speak for themselves.

We receive letters like this every single day from people who have had their lives transformed by this simple but powerful treatment.

What makes MycoUltra so powerful?
There Are Five Reasons Why MycoUltra
Has Become The Most Powerful
Source Of Beta-Glucans
We carefully chose sources that are measured for the
highest potency.

This keeps money in your pocket by allowing you to get a lot of benefit from a
few capsules.

With weaker products, you end up spending many times more simply because
you have to use so many more capsules and you are forced to keep ordering more.

MycoUltra is gluten and
lactose free.

Now, THIS is very important.

Many companies use fillers in their capsules that contain gluten or lactose
which can actually upset your stomach and cause allergic reactions.

Not only is MycoUltra gluten free and lactose free…

…it is also free of any wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, or crustacean shellfish.

AND, it is totally vegan friendly.

We wanted MycoUltra to be available to as many people as possible.

We sourced each mushroom strain only from organically grown
harvests. Remember, if the mushroom supplement you are using
contains pesticides, and herbicides, it will defeat the purpose.

Not only that, those herbicides and pesticides are known carcinogens, meaning
they are known to cause cancer.

Who wants to swallow “cancer pills”? We don’t. And we don’t want you to either.

Every bottle of MycoUltra contains beta-glucans that are from organically grown
mushrooms. So you will get the purest form of beta-glucans you will find.

We use a formulation of 8 mushroom strains rather than one single
mushroom to create the unique synergistic effect you will experience
once you start taking them.

By stacking the different strains of beta-glucans, your immune system gets
fortified against the greatest variety of infections, bacteria and illnesses.

The fifth reason is something
I'm sure you'll appreciate.

You see, the problem with many mushrooms, especially the good ones is that
they give you nasty breath sometimes so bad it can fill up a room.

We addressed that challenge with MycoUltra taking special care to make it
hygiene-friendly so you can take it daily without worrying at all..

MycoUltra is the only mushroom supplement formula on the market to meet
these strict qualifications

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  • Well, I will show you how to do that. I show you
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In fact, I show you research that reveals how our very own DNA changes at a molecular level and opens the door to cancer.

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1 Bottle
(60 Caps Per Bottle)
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4 Bottles
(60 Caps Per Bottle)
$47.00/Bottle |Save $80
+ $14.95 Shipping
2 Bottles
(60 Caps Per Bottle)
$57.00/Bottle | Save $20
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I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in April 2010, I started taking this in Dec…. I am still here and my cancer is stable. I have a certain cancer mutation which means I have less drug options and a theoretical 6 month shorter life span than those with the mutation. Sadly for my cancer buddies, I am doing much better and have outlived most. I only take this and an organic vitamin and probiotic.… I have tried other supplements but they cause various side effects. I think it is a life saver and I would never give it up.” Donna

I went from getting seriously sick 5-6 times a year to getting only very mild colds a couple of times a year. The difference is life changing. Even when I do get sick now, it's not debilitating. I only get a sore throat and a bit run down. No endless congestion and suffering.” Jay

I work in special education and though I love the kids, they haven't quite mastered covering their mouth when coughing and sneezing, nor do they like to wash their hands. I usually got sick several times a year, even after getting a flu shot. I heard about this product to boost immunity, so I tried it. During the three months I used it, my allergies rarely bothered me, I only used my inhaler once and I never got sick. Over the summer I ran out and figured I'd wait till fall to get more. I ended up getting a cough 3 weeks after school started. I ordered more right away and the left-congestion did not linger. I have never really been excited about supplements until now.” Lee
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  • Focusing on the top 25 foods provides a simple plan that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.

  • For each food on the list, I show you each variety you can find, just in case you live in another part of the world where it goes by a different name or is a different strain.
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It's important we talk about the
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You see, being exposed and vulnerable to germs, bacteria,
viruses, and cancer causing chemicals, is not a problem
that fixes itself.

If you, or someone you care about, is currently
suffering from an ailment, illness, or routinely
gets sick during certain seasons, then chances
are, you are one of the 80% of Americans who
doesn’t have the support their immune
system really needs.

Unless you are willing to make an immediate
drastic change to your lifestyle and diet,
this will only get worse as your body gets
older and loses its ability to defend itself.

Think of it this way:

Imagine if all of a sudden you decided
to jog 20 miles a day but starve
yourself at the same time.

Your muscles would slowly start
to waste away.

That is what goes on with your
immune system when it's
over-taxed, but not supported.
Your Immune System Is The Center
Of Your Entire Physical Well-Being.
It is something you CANNOT live without and cannot
be replaced.

Everyday, we and the people we take care of, are
surrounded by harmful bacteria, viruses, germs, toxins
and cancer-causing chemicals.

The only time we get sick, catch a cold or the flu, or
tragically, when someone develops a life-threatening
illness like cancer…

…it is when the immune system gets weak long enough
for a foreign invader to take hold inside our bodies.

Unsupported, a weakened immune system could
begin to affect your health in ways
I would never wish upon anyone.

The scariest part is that with outbreaks, sprouting up
every year like the swine flu, avian flu, e.coli, and ebola,
and with people dying unnecessarily from them…

…when something so simple can be done everyday to
prevent it, it's vital you get this handled now before
it's too late.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to fight back against
the effects of stress, diet and a hectic lifestyle on our
immune system.
Simply take MycoUltra daily.
Within just a few days you'll feel exciting changes in
your life.

You'll find yourself sleep better and wake up more
but with new exciting energy — where you
feel ready to take on the world.

You are no longer foggy and no longer find yourself
getting sick when you normally would — even if it
seems everyone around you is falling under the

Don't be surprised if you end up losing some aches
and pains you weren’t expecting.

It’s common for people to lose aches, pains, soreness
they’ve gotten so used to that they only notice it
when it’s gone.

Excess and stubborn weight may also begin to fall off
as your body as your metabolism speeds up and gets
younger from the inside.

It’s also common for your sex drive to go up as your
body feels younger, sexier and more vibrant.

I can't tell you exactly when it will happen.

It may be in a few days, or it could take a few weeks,
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It's something I call
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The magic moment is when you wake up one day and
realize that something is different.

Your senses feel more powerful. You are more alert,
centered and on-point.

The air feels crisp and your mind feels alive.

Like a switch inside your body was off for a long time,
and has suddenly switched on.

Then you realize that's the way we humans were
supposed to feel all along.

It's a feeling you can't really put a price on.

Our health is our most precious asset.

Without it we can't truly enjoy anything else.

Isn't it time you give yourself the gift of a strong,
vigorous immune system

that lets you be free of disease and illness, feeling
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All you need to do is enter your information and finalize your order there.

Then, in a few days, you will receive a package in the mail.

Then you can begin living a new life.

Again, this has been Laura Lindsey, Chief Nutritionist of Holistic Labs.

Thank you for your time.

I really hope you'll take action now and join us.
If you’re still here, you probably have some questions.
The most common one’s my clients asked me are:
What are the ingredients of MycoUltra?
You mentioned 8 medicinal mushrooms.
What are they?
Out of thousands of known mushroom species on our planet, there are only about a dozen that are highly concentrated in the specific beta-glucans that turn your immune system into an impenetrable fortress.

In fact, the amount of beta-glucans from these mushrooms are greater than all the beta-glucans found in ALL other mushrooms COMBINED.

I’ll list them in NO particular order.

One of the mushrooms we use is Maitake.

Maitake has been proven to help control diabetes; lose weight; lower cholesterol; is proven to fight the HIV virus, help control high blood pressure, fights prostate and bladder cancer and protects the liver.

Next is Reishi.

Reishi has been used as a pain-reliever; to reduce allergic reactions, as an expectorant to treat coughs, prevent bronchitis, as an anti-inflammatory, as an antibacterial against Staphylococci, Streptococci, and Streptococcus pneumoniae;

as a powerful antioxidant; to treat and reduce tumors activity, as an antiviral including successfully fighting HIV, lowers bad cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure.

Cordyceps is another mushroom we used.

This mushroom attained some fame, if not notoriety, from the 1993 World Championships in Athletics, where 3 world records were broken by female athletes from China’s Olympics team.

Everyone thought they had been taking steroids. But as it turns out, they were not. However, they were taking cordyceps extract.

As a health supplement, it is known to increase energy and vitality.

Cordyceps is one of the safest medicinal foods. It is used to treat liver diseases, cancer, angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmias, bronchial problems, anemia, tuberculosis, jaundice, emphysema, infertility, and sexual dysfunction.

Trametes Versicolor, also called “Turkey Tail”, is another mushroom extract we included.

Trametes Versicolor has the distinction of being the mushroom from which one of the world’s leading anticancer drugs, Krestin, is derived.

Although Krestin has not been approved for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it was the best-selling anticancer drug in Japan for much of the 1980s.

Krestin was the first mushroom-derived anticancer drug to be approved by the Japanese government’s Health and Welfare Ministry, the equivalent of the FDA. All health-care plans in Japan cover members’ purchases of Krestin.

In a 10-year study of 185 lung cancer patients who were undergoing radiotherapy, Japanese doctors administered Krestin to roughly half the patients (the others got a placebo).

The idea was to see whether Krestin could boost the cancer patients’ white blood cell activity and thereby strengthen their immune systems.

After 10 years, 39% of patients who had Stage I or II lung cancer and took Krestin survived, while only 16% survived in the non-Krestin group.

Of Stage III cancer patients, 22% survived in the Krestin group, but only 5% of the patients who did not take Krestin survived.

But not only that, Trametes Versicolor is used to treat lung infections, excess phlegm, and hepatitis.

Agaricus Blazei is the other mushroom we used.

Many scientists believe that the beta-glucans in this mushroom are more potent than that of other mushrooms I’ve already mentioned.

Clinical interest with Agaricus blazei began when a study showing anti-tumor activity by the mushroom, was presented at a convention at the Japanese Cancer Association in 1980.

In the study, Agaricus Blazei was reported to have higher levels of beta-glucans than Maitake, Reishi mushrooms and the other mushrooms listed here.

Another unique aspect of the beta-glucans in Agaricus Blazei, is its unique ability to cut off the blood supply to tumors and thus starve them.

Hericium Erinaceus, also called Lion’s Mane, is another mushroom extract we included.

This mushroom extract has been found in double-blind studies to stop the spread of and even reduce stomach, esophageal, and skin cancer.

It also has been found to regenerate nerve tissue in the brain, which in turn fights against Alzheimer’s.

Not only that, it has been found to stop tumor growth and even shrink it.

Antrodia Camphorata, also called, Stout Camphor is the other mushroom extract included in MycoUltra.

It helps prevent the spread of skin cancer, prevents the growth of tumors and breast cancer by reducing the effect of excess estrogen in the body.

Antrodia camphorata also protects the liver against toxicity and liver fibrosis and also has shown a high amount of antiviral activity against the hepatitis B virus.

Last, we included the King Trumpet mushroom, or Pleurotus eryngii.

The King Trumpet extract is a powerful anti-fungal, an anti-virus and one of the most powerful antioxidants. It has also been shown to significantly reduce cholesterol levels.

With these 8 mushroom extracts MycoUltra is easily the most powerful and NATURAL immune system defense supplement in the market today.

What does it taste like?
Is it easy to swallow?

This was an issue we heard from many people who want the incredible benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

And yes.

Because we took the time and expense to find the most potent and concentrated ingredients, we did not need to use large capsules. Even small doses can pack a tremendous punch and be easy to swallow.

The capsules will be easy to swallow and still give you the fastest and most dramatic results possible.

I’ve smelled some of the medicinal mushrooms.
They smell foul. Will these capsules smell
foul as well?

Not at all. It’s true that several medicinal mushrooms have a very strong, pungent smell that can be offensive.

But because we are dealing with the extracts of the mushroom root, there is no odor at all.

This, by the way, is one of the reasons, we wanted to make it possible for you to take MycoUltra mushrooms in capsule form. You can avoid these potentially uncomfortable and even embarrassing issues.

Are there any side effects
from MycoUltra?

There are no harmful side effects at all. Occasionally, some people feel extra sleepy or extra energetic when they start taking it.

Think of it this way: whatever was blocked in your body will start to get released.

If you were exhausted, but your nervous system was “wired,” then your body has not had a chance to deeply relax for a very long time.

When MycoUltra starts to restore balance through your body, that pent up exhaustion can suddenly be released.

And this can feel like a sudden sleepiness.

The best thing to do in this case is to just let yourself sleep and get caught up. There is nothing else to be alarmed by.

If your body’s energy signals from the brain were blocked because of poor brain health, they can also be pent up, and when they are released, you can feel a sudden surge of energy.

Some people were not ready for this and they ended up staying up later than they would have liked.

That will normalize very soon.

To be safe, you can avoid taking MycoUltra at dinner time so you don’t run the risk of being too awake at bedtime.

But after a few days, you should be fine to take it anytime.

You can also experience something called a “healing crisis.” Don’t worry, it’s not really a crisis.

It is just a name for what some people experience when they rapidly heal in a natural way.

Sometimes, during a healing, you can feel drowsy and tired. Sometimes, you can experience symptoms of an old illness. That is just a sign that that illness is finally leaving your body.

Are the ingredients safe?
They sound like scary chemicals.

Yes, they are absolutely safe. Every single ingredient is something we get in our food everyday. We just don’t get enough of it.

As we age, and as we continue to eat a poor diet, not get enough rest, or not get enough exercise, the levels of these chemicals in our body start to drop.

All we are doing with MycoUltra, is replenishing them with extremely high quality supplements.
Click on the link now and give
MycoUltra a try. With this risk-free
offer you have nothing to lose.
Select the Package that’s Right for You
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(60 Caps Per Bottle)
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4 Bottles
(60 Caps Per Bottle)
$47.00/Bottle |Save $80
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2 Bottles
(60 Caps Per Bottle)
$57.00/Bottle | Save $20
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